We Serve Legal Documents, Court Proceedings & Dissolution of Marriage (Divorce) Applications.

Our process servers will serve your legal documents, court proceedings and dissolution of marriage (divorce) applications throughout every region of New Zealand. 

Proserve Technology

Our process servers use their mobile device in the field to confirm service details and send file notes (including photos). This information is uploaded to our secure online portal. Our online portal also records the date, time and location of every successful service and attempted service.

Saving You Time

No more follow up calls, our portal sends instant notifications of all service activities directly to your email. Our clients can access our portal to load their own notes and documents for service, our portal also provides our clients with the ability to view the status of their assignment.

Evidence of Service

We use the latest technology so service can never be disputed! Every service and attempt to serve your legal documents is recorded by our process servers. The GPS time stamp recorded in real time can easily be downloaded for evidence the defendant or recipient was served. 

What is a Process Server?

A process server is an individual hired to personally deliver, or “serve” legal documents to an individual named in court proceedings. This service of documents is known as the “service of process”. It is a legal procedure required to give notice to all parties facing legal action.  Our process servers will serve your legal documents as per the rules of service in order for the service to be valid.

  • As an independent party, our team of process servers are neutral and not personally involved. 
  • Our experienced process servers have a working knowledge of the legal process and rules of service.
  • Proserve can locate recipients/defendants using New Zealand's largest network of private investigators. 

What is a Process Serving?

Recipients who are the subject of legal action must be notified, this notification is known as the service of process. Court proceedings are required to be served personally on a defendant or recipient by a process server within the time stipulated by the Courts. If you require more information on the legal process, please contact a solicitor, law firm, or community law centre. 

Competitive fees! 

We provide complete transparency, no smoke and mirrors! Proserve offers clients a nationwide best fee guarantee.  We will match any competitors fee for legal document serving in any area or region of New Zealand. With Proserve there are no hidden costs, you can be assured, the fee we quote you is the fee you'll pay. 

Let's work together

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