How to choose your New Zealand Process Server.

January 9, 2024
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A process server is a professionally trained and highly-skilled individual with a solid understanding of the legal process. Unlike private investigators, process servers are not required to be government licensed, anyone can be a process server but many people find the role of a process server very challenging and leave the industry after only a few months.

When choosing a process server in New Zealand to deliver your legal documents, Court proceedings or dissolution of marriage (divorce) application, ask to see their credentials and client references. Experience matters so always ask your process server about their experience serving legal documents and Court proceedings in New Zealand.

Ask for references – Don’t trust Google reviews!

We are aware of process servers and private investigators in New Zealand using fake Google reviews to gain the trust of prospective clients.

A reputable process server will understanding the legal process and Courts rules of service. A process servers wont provide any legal advice but will assist you to connect with the right people appropriate to your circumstances.

Process servers should always act with urgency and be aware of any time restrictions associated with the legal documents they are serving. Process servers should make inquiries in an effort to locate any absconded defendants or recipients that simply cant be located. A reputable process server will likely to be connected with an equally reputable licensed private investigator. 

What happens after the legal document is served?

You should receive a detailed service report immediately following service. If an affidavit is required then this should be sworn or affirmed within 5 working days of service. Need to know more? Please contact us.