Process Serving – Online Management Tools

January 6, 2024
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Process serving has not changed over the years, however the tools to deliver the service to our clients evolves with the use of field based technology. From streamlining our processes for storing of data to assisting our clients when personal service is not an option. We have invested in the latest technology so our clients can monitor their legal document serving assignments in real time, live from the field. We utilise the award-winning process serving software, ServeManager. The team at ServeManager have provided us with a bespoke solution to add value to our service proposition.

ServeManager is an outstanding feature that allows clients to view and track of any legal document serving assignment. You can load your documents online via the portal directly to us, rather than by email.

How collaborating with ServeManager works.

  1. You send your first assignment by email, we then send you a link to collaborate with us from ServeManager.
  2. You accept the invitation and create a login and password (there is no cost to you).

You can view all your assignments, updates and service attempts. Using the notes feature on ServeManager you can create and send messages directly to the process server working on the file.Process Server Software - ServeManager