Serving Dissolution of Marriage Applications in New Zealand.

November 19, 2021
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Our process servers have been professionally serving dissolution of marriage applications for over three decades. We know applying to dissolve your marriage can often be a stressful and emotional time.

When you engage us to serve your dissolution of marriage application, you can be confident that our process servers (legal document servers) will professionally serve your documents with discretion and sensitivity. We value your privacy, the information you provide us is subject to client confidentiality and will not be disclosed to any third party, including the recipient of your documents.

We are a privately owned and operated process serving agency where great pride is taken in fully satisfying the needs of our clients. We go to considerable lengths to locate your recipient or defendant and serve them with efficiency and professionalism. Our software and technology allows our clients to track their assignment in real time, live from the field.

The PROSERVE team of process servers will professionally serve your documents in every area and region of New Zealand including Auckland, Hamilton, Wellington and Christchurch. A number of our process servers are former court bailiffs and debt collectors who are highly skilled and “street savvy” with a natural ability to communicate with people at every level.

How do I apply for a divorce in New Zealand?

When you apply for a divorce, you need to complete an application for dissolution of marriage. This information is available from your local family court. The family court will process your application and give you a set of documents that need to be given to your ex-partner by someone else (not you).

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Types of divorce applications

1. If both you and your partner want a divorceIf you have grounds to do so, both you and your partner ‘ask’ the family court for a marriage of dissolution order.  

Apply for a divorce: when you both agree

2. If only one of you wants a divorce: You will need to ask the family court to make a decision. This is known as ‘applying for an order’. If you are applying for an order, you (or your lawyer) become responsible for ensuring that your application documents are ‘served’ on the other person. You need to employ a process server (legal document server), because you can’t serve the documents yourself.  

Apply for a divorce: on your own

How to apply

What happens after you file your application? What happens after the divorce documents have been served If your ex-partner doesn’t want a divorce; or they won’t agree to apply together; or you don’t want to ask them to apply together? you can apply on your own.

1. Fill in the forms in the application pack: One party application for divorce (order dissolving a marriage or civil union)

2. Also include an original or certified copy of your marriage or civil union certificate (this is not the document you signed on the day of your marriage or civil union). 

You can get the certificate from births, deaths and marriages, a copy of your separation agreement or separation order, if you have one, to prove you’ve been living apart for at least two years.

3. File your application. This means your documents need to be delivered personally or posted to your local family court by you or your lawyer.

What does it cost to serve my dissolution of marriage (divorce) application in New Zealand?

Like most service industry’s, you get what you pay for. In New Zealand, not all process servers or legal document servers are equal. We will make up to five visits to serve your documents. Unlike our competitors, there are no hidden costs with our fee structure. We may provide you with a quote for rural or hard to reach locations where our process servers will spend a significant amount of time and mileage attempting service.

Our experienced process servers in Auckland, Hamilton, Wellington, Christchurch and throughout New Zealand are ready to serve your dissolution of marriage (divorce) application, contact us now!